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About Simoco

Simoco is a leading Telecommunication company in GPS & GSM field with offices located in major cities.

What is the Hardware ?

Simoco VTS system “Trax” Vehicle mounted unit fitted with a SI M card which uses GLOBAL POSITIONING SYSTEM via satellites and transmits the position on a map on a continuous basis.

Who will install the hardware unit?

SIMOCO field engineers will install the hardware unit in your vehicle in 2-3 hours.

What is the warranty on the hardware?

Simoco will replace the system free of cost for any manufacturing defect within 1 year. However, incase Hardware unit is tampered with or reinstalled without our knowledge than warranty will cease to be valid.

Will my hardware run down the batteries on my vehicles?

No. When your vehicle is stopped for more than two minutes, the unit goes into sleep mode. It requires very little power in this mode.

Can I reinstall my hardware in another vehicle?

Yes , Hardware can be reinstalled in another vehicle at a nominal cost.

What software do I require?

All you need a PC/ laptop with internet connection and password for online connection. The password will be supplied by us. There is no additional investment.

How does the software enhance the benefit of my investment in GPS technology?

  1. Provides real time data - On a continuous basis on location of vehicle. This helps in planning, quicker turn around for cargo/ customer queries as to where the goods are. Better utilization of your asset means more revenues and more profit.

  2. Route deviation - If the Fleet is to deliver from Calcutta to Jamshedpur the route is set, then any deviation would cause an alert to the management.

  3. Communications with the Fleet - The management can talk to the driver or have two way communication where he can call the management.

  4. Speeding - You have no control on this. Your asset's life is being reduced/ accidents are possible causing loss of revenue. Speed Alerts can be set and if the truck crosses a certain speed, an alert will be generated.

  5. Fuel Pilferage- Create reports on fuel pilferage and average by vehicle type and entire fleet.

  6. Your vehicle is stolen - The vehicle can be gradually stopped and then immobilized through your mobile phone or from the internet or from the Simoco control center.

  7. Mileage- You are not dependent on the odometer for mileage. Global positioning system gives the mileage with 97% accuracy.

  8. Work Timings - What time the vehicle started/ where it went/ how much distance traveled. What time he reached your customer? Every thing is available in a report. You will never have to hear from the driver that he waited 5 hours to unload. You will have the power of the instant information.

  9. Sensors - Hi-end technology with Accident Detector/Fuel Sensor/Thermal Sensor allows enhanced Monitoring and greater Productivity.

  10. Standard Operating Procedures ( SOP). an organization can create SOP's to get instant alerts on any deviation of planned activity.

Can I make changes to my Standard Operating Procedures?

The software allows any change to be made with a click of a button. Your productivity and security parameters are in your control.

Will I get after sales service?

Simoco will train and implement the entire solution which involves basic understanding of the hardware and proper usage of the software. Any problem in the hardware will be attended to within 48 hours.

Do I have 24X7 service?

Yes you will have 24X7 service round the year for all emergencies through Simoco control center.