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Business Model for Value Added Reseller
We at Simoco are constantly looking to expand our community of VAR who wish to participate in the success of this unique and advanced GPS Tracking System in the growing market.

What is a local Reseller ?

A VAR is a company that offers Trax Vehicle Tracking Solution in a geographical area.

What type of services a Reseller offers to its clients?

AVAR may offer to their clients either a vehicle or Personal tracking service or both.

Who are the potential clients?

For fleet management service, the potential clients may be:

  • Commercial companies with large fleet of vehicles (such as transportation, car leasing, taxi Operators, Oil Marketing Companies , Tourist Operators, any Deliveries and Distribution companies).
  • Public service fleets (such as buses, police, ambulances, security services,
  • Containers and tanker Operators.
  • Individuals
What are the incentives for the clients to purchase the service?

Our GPS based tracking service enables a fleet manager real time tracking &, generating a wide variety of performance reports and real-time alerts. Customers who are using the service are known to have saved at least 15% on vehicle expenses, while the operations of the company become much more efficient and effective.

What is the business model?

The business model is to

  • Sell Vehicle mounted unit/personal tracking device to prospective clients
  • Charge a Monthly usage fee from clients

The core of the business is the monthly usage fees, which will provide you constant source of revenue

What are the prerequisites for the dealer in order to start offering Tracking Service

The prerequisites for the local VAR are:

  • A Laptop with internet data card for Demo purpose .
  • A Laptop with internet data card for Demo purpose .
  • Stock of at least three VMU for Demo purpose.
  • Purchase one GPRS enabled SIM card per unit. Expected Internet GPRS data would be 4MB - 5MB per month.