About Simoco
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Vehicle Tracking System
Trax Features:
  • Third party plug’n’ play application integration i.e. Google map, Map 24.
  • Emergency alarm provision on the vehicle for immediate action on a priority basis.
  • Specific vehicle tracking as per registration number on a real time basis.
  • Through geo- fencing and tagging, system generates alerts under conditions such as vehicle crosses allocate geo- fence, does not stop on pre define pick up point, stops at other than the pickup point, stops at other than the pickup point ,stops at other than the pickup point or stops for more than specified time.
  • A vehicle trip replay, on a specific time including in real time.
Simoco systems offers 100%plug ‘n’ play mobile asset management solution that runs seamlessly bringing together
a range of advance technologies.

Simoco systems along with ideation, the technology partner has developed and integrated all the entire essential vehicle mounting device, on demand software.

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