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Vehicle Tracking System
GPS /GPRS based Vehicle Tracking System


Simoco offers 100% plug’n’play mobile asset management solution called “Trax” that seamlessly brings together a range of advance technologies. We have developed & integrated vehicle tracking ,car alarm , and analog measurement functions that delivers a complete mobile asset management solution . Trax allows real-time positioning and tracking of a single or multiple vehicles, accurately displaying their locations on digital maps along with the routes traveled and its detailed historical analysis

Vehicle position is gathered on a regular interval and sent automatically to the GPS Control Center by the Simoco Vehicle Mounted Unit at a pre-scheduled intervals , when a vehicle- and driver-related event occurs. In case of tracking the information is obtained in real time and forwarded immediately. All information acquired and recorded by the Trax is linked with its position and time information

Trax can improve your business with more accurate and updated information about your vehicle fleet. It is a web based application for real time vehicle & personal tracking. With real time information of your vehicles , you can provide faster responses on delivery status or quickly dispatch the right vehicle to a location. The solution provides to create reports on vehicle usage that can reduce your fuel costs and improve vehicle utilization.

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Vehicle tracking system
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